Once you learn how to be happy,

you won’t tolerate being around people

who make you feel anything less.

A few days ago I was chatting with my good friend Nadine, about how much we need friends around us. And I stuck with that thought for days now.

I give my heart and soul for those who are open to receive it. But unfortunately my heart and soul were trampled, more than once. We all have had that feeling of being betrayed and misunderstood and left alone by someone we cared for. We all know how it feels to be miserable and lonely from time to time, I guess.

I have troubles to trust people. Or I trust them too much. I can’t do things half way. It’s all or nothing for me, and that is a terrifying thought if you are scared to lose yourself to a friendship once more. It is scary to know that you have, once more, give it all and received that little.

People are opportunistic. We are. Think about it. We always want something in return. Even if we say we are not like that, the truth is… we are.

Friendship is supposed to work two ways. You give something, you get something in return. Even the smallest gesture is enough. But it hurts if you lose your energy helping others and the day you need help too, no-one is there.

My heart and tongue are one. I hardly think before speaking. So the honest opinion is out before I even realised I have said something. Now I’m older, not more in my twenty’s I become more prudent. I will always say what I mean, but I have learned, that sometimes it’s better to not saying a thing. I’m still learning to deal with it, sure. I still want to change people’s mind from time to time. I was born that way. In my family we all are good speakers and strong characters. Believe me, saying, you will not enjoy being around my family not knowing us. You will think we are fighting for life. But we don’t, we just all speak at the same time. Miraculously we have always understood each other.

My whole life I’ve heard I’m a leader, not a follower. And I guess I am. But if you want to be a leader, you have to take responsibilities. And I take mine to seriously. I wish I was able to relax more. I wish I was able to let things go more easily.

I believe that people we met, are there for a reason. They come and go. We may not force them to stay. Friendships grow with us and they vanish when no more needed.

I believe we have more that one best friend over the years… It’s unique to stay with someone many many years. Because you change and that person changes too. Not necessary in the same direction. I know people who stay friends knowing they have so little in-common those days, they irritating one and other, and yet… they can’t let go. If time is right… we will be forced to go on with our life, leaving some people behind. And that is not a bad thing.

And the truth need to be said: we all need a good friend.


you need to distance yourself

from people.

If they care,

they’ll notice.

If they don’t,

you know

where you stand.